Saranjit Singh

An Advocate – A Chef, not a Waiter

“Live like a hermit and work like a horse”. This is the route to success at the Bar. These were the haunting words of advice to new advocates by the first Attorney General of India, Motilal Setalvad. Too extreme, the Gen Y or Z may say, but there were little options to success in the […]

Advocating the Art of Persuasion

There was an interesting attempt recently to snooker me into admitting that I impose my views on others. I refuted the claim and foiled that attempt! Attractively crafted cajolery perhaps? As lawyers we are trained in the art of persuasion. We are not taught to persuade. It is a natural instinct of every individual acquired […]

Unfair Dismissal : Prohibition Against Reliance On Post-Dismissal Reasons

The relationship between employers and employees are symbiotic and dynamic. In the ordinary course, both would work together for the benefit and improvement of each other. Nonetheless, more often than not, employers may dismiss the employees from service because of various reasons. If this happens, the employees then have a right to bring the dismissal […]